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A is for Amour, B is for Babydoll, C is for Courtesan, D is for Demimonde, E is for Erotic, of course! Whoops, did I get lost? Happens to me so easily... Just continue with Your own ABC of Love.

Skinny Escort´s Who is Who

No fear, You won´t have to read a lot. Only one entry. Skinny and Escort, that is me who is now speaking to You as administrator. But first things first.

  • Age: 30
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 39 kg
  • Cup: 75 A / US 32 A
  • Size: 32 /US 4
  • Eyes: green
  • Hair: pastel
  • Smocker: no, but You're welcome to
  • Languages: German, English
  • Lingerie: Agent Provocateur & Blush
  • Perfume: Agent Provocateur
  • Piercing & Tattoo: none
Debut & Description

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to Berlins Independent Premium Escort Service! If You´re looking for the extraordinary, if You love the exquisite, if You long to live out a fantasy or a fetish, You are in position with Skinny Escort. Style, seduction, sophisticated sexiness and lambent eroticism grants You this High Class Escort Service for discerning Gentlemen, Ladies and couples. Wether it is yearning for a delightful companion to divert Your from the daily routine, the desire for a spontaneous amorous adventure without preliminaries and plights, the penchant for certain body areas or shapes or a fondness for selected materials or objects, which leads You here: Skinny Escort will satisfy it – and You.

While not submissive Your Skinny Escort enjoys to be enjoyed by You and finds nothing as exiting as the lust of her counterpart. Gratification, integrity and discretion rate highest with her. Your Skinny Escort possesses charm, esprit, impeccable manners, an undeniable amount of coquettishness and versatile education (except in math, of which more later). Her appearance is always most presentable and refined be it to vernissage, soiree, dinner or any event without an illustrious french name to itself. The party to which You don´t want to go alone, and the class reunion at which You like to present to everyone Your sweet young girlfriend. Especially presentable she is when You are all intimate among Yourselves. Your Skinny Escort Girl fancies herself in the parts chosen by You of which the one or other embodies aspects of her own multilayered personality. Oh, and of course she has an iridescent name: Ruby.


So that´s what You´re after! Suits me fine else I would have hidden my little private peep show better.

But as You know: When poverty comes in, love flies out. For a short discourse about Ruby’s attitude to money look and listen:

...Or simply trust her with the modest compensation for her time and company.

Sensual Spleens

So You´re one of those Gentlemen who want to go deeper than under the clothes. You might want to know that the GFE is my precious speciality! This slinky trait is one side of my self who´s darker half oozes macabre, decadent and sensual caprices. Maybe some inspire You – for our next rendezvous.


You´re in the mood for me...? Grrrr....thanks for the compliment! Since both our time is precious don´t be so passionate as to forget the date, location and desired duration of our tryst. Otherwise the appointment is for You a mere theoretical game, which I won´t join. To be sure that You are as real as I am I reserve for myself enquiring Your phone number to call You as appropriate and agreed.


The city belongs to us. Rendezvouses out-of-town only after at least one former date. Conditions are to arrange with me individually.


Berlin, Germay

Without women all the money in the world would have no meaning.
(Aristotle Onassis)

The price of an encounter lasting several hours adds up from the number of hours multiplied by my rate. I might be bad at math but I still know a constant: my fee. Or would You accept to be paid one salary for the first 60 minutes of Your time and for the rest just a fraction? My love is sensual, tender, passionate, impetuous, playful, lascivious, imaginative and NEVER unconditionally. Limitless? Every person has their limits. Off mine are Greek, CIM, enduring violence & pain, fisting, submission. Venus is the goddess of variation, therefor I can impossibly know all her thinkable or for me unthinkable whims. Never feel delicate about confiding Your secrets in me if the thought of us is always on Your mind. They won´t be disclosed – but might be unlocked.

Private Time

1 hour 150 € (as each following hour)

Escort to dinner, business events, leisure and all cultural affairs. Discreet visit at Your place, hotel or bureau to get indiscreet with You. You are already in female company and both of You are far from immune to feminine charms? Neither am I! Service for mixed or lesbian couples at a surcharge of 50 €/ h.

Night Time

Overnight-Date 1500 €

A night of passion in a luxurious hotel, where the greatest luxuries will be the wantonness we indulge in. One night is not enough? Turn Your business travel into a joy ride and a short vacation into a pleasure trip. Fees for

Travel Time

(provided at least one prior encounter) upon request. Now voyager, beware! As many wishes You´ll be granted don´t dream of Jeannie, who You can order while on the road back into her lamp. There she´ll just disappear after You´ve come back.

Protection of privacy

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